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There are American citizens who seek to destroy the legacy of George Washington and our other Founding Fathers from the revolutionary and constitutional periods. Our politicians are doing little to stop this... they are letting Washington and Jefferson statues and monuments get torn down. We must let them know, we expect them to protect our heritage! 

George Washington was the most important Founding Father. For all the greatness of the other incredible founders, none of their accomplishments could have blossomed into the freedoms and prosperity our nation has enjoyed up until this point.

Without Washington the United States of American would not exist, but today for some that does not matter because George Washington owned slaves. This tragic reality of mankind’s existence is extraordinarily troubling and disturbing to us as modern day people; but what is also tragic is for us to not understand how to analyze and consider history.

We must learn from those who came before us, and we should judge them based on the standards of their time. The step by step progress throughout history our ancestors made enabled us to become more virtuous,  for us to have increased standards of morality.  

George Washington is not the Founding Father of Slavery. Nobody reveres George Washington because he owned slaves. Statues and monuments are built to honor the nation he brought to us, all the benefits of a free society. People’s morality evolves over time and Washington’s did too.

For thousands of years nearly all of mankind enslaved other human beings. It was not until during and after the enlightenment period and fueled by Christians (especially Quakers), that the sin of slavery began to be corrected on a mass scale. All societies had slavery. However, it is a harsh reality that if you judge people based on current standards, standards that evolved due to many of their works and good progress, you are destroying good progress. A nation that attacks its own history cannot survive. We must discuss and learn- but not tear down while benefiting from the progress made by others who came before us.

Some things that were once part of mankind's life are now correctly known to be abhorrent. During the middle of Washington’s life, the disgusting nature of slavery was just being called into question wide-scale. Just as Western society began to evolve and see slavery for the evil it was, so did Washington himself. He wrote to his dear friend the Marquis de Lafayette, that he “hopes to discuss a plan to end slavery” to Robert Morris he wrote that there was not a man living who wishes more sincerely than he does to see a plan adopted for the abolition of slavery through Legislative authority. Famously, at the end of George Washington’s life, he freed all his slaves. For a man born into a world of slavery, this growth is impressive. Of course, we all can look back and wish that the world was different then. We could wish that the status of our moral evolution was already at its apex., but it wasn’t and we must judge people of history based on that.

Washington was a man not an angel of pure perfection but he was a humble, great, and good man, who gave himself to the country over and over again. To tear him down, is to tear you and me down, our great progress… our healing… or path corrections. By delegitimizing George Washington you delegitimize the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights… all of the amendments including the Civil Rights Amendments. Everything comes crumbling down.

It is time to stand up and defend our Founding Fathers.
We can still be George Washington’s America.

Sign the petition to tell our politicians that we want them to defend our Founding Fathers.

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