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There are 3 certificate levels for the Class Coach Cert. 

Entry Coach Cert- 70% on Written exam & pass "SELF" skill chart and "Red" skill chart (Boys and Girls).
Class Coach Cert- 80% on Written exam & pass "White" skill chart (Boys and Girls).
Advanced Coach Cert- 90% on Written exam & pass "Blue" skill chart (Boys and Girls).

Be sure to fill out a "pass exam" form for each tier the coach achieves thereby issuing a certificate in that form for each time the requirements stated above are met.

Certification Permissions:
Entry Coach Cert- Only permitted to coach parties, camps, and special events.
Class Coach Cert- All rec classes and programs except advanced "blue level" classes and I/A tumbling.
Advanced Coach Cert- All classes and programs.

Ensure practical cert is at "100 %"

Ensure student is being graded through MSC with stars.

Ensure practical cert is at "100 %"

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