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Many can create, few can consult.
At Stars and Stripes we understand politics and help to ensure you are on brand for the particular campaign you are running. No campaign is the same and you must work with media developers and designers that understand how to get you elected.
Client Satisfaction with a Focus on Innovation

Political Multimedia Specialist
Stars and Stripes Management Systems has been in business since 2012. Austin and Zander Arthur own and operate the organization and specialize in all things digital including social media, AdSpend management, website design, graphic design, and video creation. 

Some of Our Clients:
Representative Doug Bankson (Florida House)

Representative Susan Placensia (Florida House)

Mayor John Rees (Winter Garden)
Mayor Rusty Johnson (Ocoee)
Commissioner Scott Kennedy (Ocoee)
Commissioner Mark Maciel (Winter Garden)
Commissioner Colin Sharman (Winter Garden)
Judge Elizabeth Starr (Orange County)
Scotty Moore (U.S. House Candidate)

Red Renaissance (Kim Klacik's PAC)

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Austin and Zander Arthur are local patriots who have years of experience in digital marketing for B2B. Being concerned with the political climate and culture change, they began working with candidates and their campaigns. 

SSMS is a full stack marketing agency including the following teams on their staff:

Content Creation Team

Multimedia Design Team

Web Development Team

Social Media Team

Digital Marketing Team
With political clients, Austin takes the lead on projects and also acts as a political consultant, working with the candidate and his/her team to ensure the right messaging and audience focusing is achieved. Zander is a digital marketing expert and works particularly behind the scenes with the digital marketing team leading that aspect of the process.
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Ad spend Management and Content Creation:
Full Website creation and ongoing management.

Some Examples:

Austin Arthur
Doug Bankson
Susan Placencia
Austin Arthur Vote Website.png

Experience Austin's Own Campaign Website

Created by Stars and Stripes Mgmt Systems

Professional Photoshoots and Custom Video Creation from Start to Finish
Featured Ad:
DEMO ONLY: Re-Elect Mayor Rusty Johnson to Keep Ocoee Moving Forward.
DEMO: Mr. Bill with Mayor
Florida House of Representatives - Who is Susan?
Vennia's Opponents on the Attack! Candidate for State Representative Florida District 45
Scotty with a "Y"
Hi I'm Willie Montague | Candidate for U.S. Congress in Florida's 10th Congressional District.
Re-Elect Judge Elizabeth Starr | Reelija a La Jueza Elizabeth Starr (Spanish Subtitles)
The Sanctity of Life | A Moment on the Issues with Doug Bankson.
Professional Photoshoot
-Up to 4 hours at desired location(s) in Central Florida.

-Family, Outdoors, Interacting with Neighbors/Seniors, Businesses, church Setting, stand alones, etc.

-Wardrobe change (if desired)

-100+ Digital Edited/Color Corrected Images

-Online Gallery

-Commercial Rights Release

Standard Video 
Basic video creation with fixed environment and cameras for speaking to camera portion but also allowing for multiple b-roll scenes in different environments to overlay. Director and single camera tech including script assistance and consulting.

Concept type: VIEW

-Script Creation and Consulting

-Up to 3 minute final video. Can break up into separate messages if same theme (i.e. a series).

-Social media portrait style ("vertical") cut, 60 second version.

-30 second made for TV compliance version.

-In Studio Video Recording with Teleprompter Option
OR live event (capturing a live event)

-Two camera angles.

-B-Roll layer overs captured by SSMS. Staging interactions with others, etc.

-Basic text over (caption style).

-Additional voice over actor option.

B-roll shoot at various locations will be used to create a b-roll database good to use throughout life of campaign. (i.e. capturing candidate with in a construction environment, medical environment, education environment, rural environment, leadership environment, with family, with community, with seniors,  etc).

Single Camera ad with
No B-Roll available for

Premium Video 
Powerful dynamic video creation with premium graphic design and animation that includes many camera angles with capability for walking in different outside environments. Director, multiple camera techs and dedicated sound tech including script assistance and consulting.

Concept type: VIEW

-Up to 10 minute final video.
Can break up into separate
videos if same theme (i.e. a series)

-In Studio Video Recording with Teleprompter Option

OR live event style
and "talking" option.

-Multiple dynamic camera angles
Drone, Gimbal, Etc.

-B-Roll layer overs captured by SSMS. Including drone and gimbal options. Staging interactions with others, etc.

-Dynamic text Animation 
over option.

-Additional voice over actor option.

-Script Creation and Consulting
For pricing on graphic design, Social Media and Google Ad Management, and Full Website Creation and maintenance please connect with us for a custom quote based on your needs.
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12200 W Colonial Dr, Suite 300K 
Winter Garden, FL 34787

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